OSC Training Course - Learn how to create your CAA Operating Safety Case!


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What is the OSC Course?

This specialist course is delivered online by Mr MPW himself (Matt Williams) and will walk you through the process of writing your CAA Operating Safety Case (OSC) which will allow you to get better permissions from the CAA.

I will be walking you through all 3 volumes of the Operating Safety Case, using a real-life example of an OSC that I have used in the UK to obtain permissions down to just 10m from persons not under your control!

In addition to walking you through all 3 volumes, I'll be revealing my secret weapon to gaining better permissions from the CAA; the Bowtie XP Safety Management System (SMS), which is the preferred method for the UK Civil Aviation Authority, as used in the 'manned' aviation world.

The OSC Course is delivered via video-based lessons and covers the following in detail:

  • OSC Introduction
  • OSC Volume 1
  • OSC Volume 2
  • Safety Management Systems
  • OSC Volume 3

Included BONUSES:

  • 30,000+ word 3 Volume OSC Example Template (similar to that used by my Companies in the past to get 10m OSC permissions
  • Example 'Bowtie' SMS Hazard Assessment

The course contains more than 3 hours of HARDCORE video tuition, delivered by myself. Make sure you're ready for a serious INFORMATION DOWNLOAD! :)

You will get unlimited access to the training and you can go back and watch the lessons as many times as you need to, as you progress through the creation of your OSC Application!


Has Mr MPW ever written or held an OSC?


Unlike some of the other providers who are offering a 'Volume 3 OSC Course', I have written and operated under OSC's all around the world... Including our own OSC which allowed us to fly down to just 5 metres separation from persons not under our control, with aircraft weighing up to 25Kg!

I have consulted for a number of the UK's top OSC operators and helped to write the framework for the OSC procedure on behalf of the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) in Bermuda which allowed myself and the team to fly the Alta 8 alongside full-sized helicopters during the America's Cup in 2017 , as well as operating in countries such a Peru and the Dominican Republic with our eBee's, under special permissions, out to as far as 7km BVLOS!


Who is this online OSC course for?

This online OSC course is designed for people who want to write an Operating Safety Case which will allow them to operate with reduced separation distances from people not under their control, than those granted currently with Standard Permissions (GVC/PfCO).

The OSC can also be used to apply for permissions such as Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS).

We would highly recommend that you already have completed a PfCO/GVC course with an NQE or a General VLOS Certificate (GVC) course with an RAE before doing this course, and have some operating experience (ideally a minimum of 6-12 months), to improve your chances of making a successful Operating Safety Case application to the UK CAA.


BONUS - 30,000 WORD EXAMPLE OSC Template!!!

As a bonus, the Mr MPW OSC Online Training Course includes templates for all 3 volumes of the OSC to help kickstart your own OSC. These go above and beyond the guidance laid out already in the CAP 722A and in total amount to over 30,000 words!*

*This template is not maintained and is provided as an 'example' only. It comes with no warranty or attached liability - it is provided purely to give you a 'solid' outline of the type of information you need to include in your OSC documentation set and you WILL need to make significant alterations and updates to the document in order to deliver a successful, complete OSC application to the UK CAA.