How to start marketing your Drone Business TODAY!!!

How to start marketing your Drone Business TODAY!!!

October 24, 2019

What are the best ways to market your drone business and when is the best time to start finding your audience and getting your message out to them? 

Marketing is an intrinsic and often 'glossed-over' element of any business but one which is probably the most important, behind actually making sales to generate revenue. I know it's certainly something which I wish we had placed more emphasis on when we first started out, back in the day!

This is where our analogy of planting a tree comes into play... Read on to find out more!

Not got time to read or just don't fancy it? Simply click the video image below to watch the video version and make sure you visit and subscribe to the YouTube channel, which you can find a link here!

Read time approximately 3 minutes.

So, what's all this about 'Planting A TREE'? Matt's gone mad... Again, I can hear you cry (and I wouldn't disagree)!

Now, the tree analogy - this is how we look at marketing and how we encourage you to do so too.

As the old Chinese Proverb goes 'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago - the second-best time is NOW'! 

What we're saying is that there's no point wishing you'd started your marketing when you launched your company... Spend that mental energy on making a start to your marketing efforts NOW!


The key reasoning behind the marketing you need to do, is to make people aware of what you’re upto; i.e. the services you offer & how you can help them.


How do you do this?

The most efficient way (and I know you're all struggling to find enough time - so being efficient is VERY important) is by starting out finding where your target audience hang out.

Where are the digital eyeballs who are looking for the solution you provide?

This will vary by industry and by the solution you offer. But, from what we’ve seen, regardless of the industry - one of the best ways to get your message out to the world is by building a personal brand...

Take a look at what we’re doing here and over on our YouTube channel.

How have you found us and how have you become aware of us and what we do? 

Get Profiling...

You’ve also got to get yourself onto platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and wherever else the eyeballs are going. Reddit is a surprisingly active community BUT, more than anywhere else, you really have to get deep-seated into the community there before you start to push your services; otherwise, you’ll get flamed and roasted for being spammy.

If you’ve got no idea what I’m on about, then go join Reddit and watch some of the drone threads for a week or two - you’ll soon get a handle on the way things work there... But remember, Reddit is the ‘Front Page of the Internet’, so the power of it shouldn’t be underestimated!


Building a Personal Brand...

Next, as much as most people hate it; get yourself on camera - remember, even though you feel awkward and SUUUPER self-conscious at first; no-one is watching in the early days...

I mean, go back and take a look at the first videos we did... They are pretty awful compared to what we do now... And there’s still so much room for improvement... Stay tuned for the changes that we’ve got coming in the next few weeks - and let us know what you think, when they drop!

If you really don’t fancy becoming the next YouTube sensation and you’re convinced you’ve only got a face for the radio, then start to create blogs around your subject, aimed at your target audience AND then turn them into a podcast too... 

You can find our podcasts of the videos at the links below:


Search.Twitter.Com... is one of the most powerful tools for finding people who need help. Go check it out, see what conversations are going on around your services and get involved in the conversations...

BUT you’ve got to be careful regarding how you offer your services to people.. Provide value first, build a relationship and THEN go in for the kill. AND DON’T JUST GO AND SPAM YOUR SERVICES ON SOMEONE ELSES THREADS or POSTS!!! All this will do is make you look like a total dick, turn off the people you’re targeting and probably get you blocked by the person who’s thread you’ve hijacked!

I hope that helps and if you've got any questions, or additional ideas, please feel free to drop them down in the comments below! :) 

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Fly safe and blue skies


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