How to add & remove Drones to / from your CAA Drone Operations Manual

How to add & remove Drones to / from your CAA Drone Operations Manual

October 03, 2019

Hey everybody and welcome to the blog!

In this blog post we are going to take a look at how to add and remove drones from your CAA drone operations manual.

For some, this may seem like a fairly simple and straightforward process. For others, especially those who either got their CAA drone operations manual written for them in the initial instance or used a convoluted template provided to them by their training provider (CAA NQE), it can actually be quite a daunting task.

This really shouldn't be the case and rather than continue watching people struggle with the confusion we decided to make the video below and help everybody out!

Not got time to read or just don't fancy it? Simply click the video image below to watch the video version and make sure you visit and subscribe to the YouTube channel, which you can find a link here!

Read time approximately 3 minutes


You may have already seen if you've been following the Mr MPW YouTube channel that we are determined to try and make the drone industry in the UK a much simpler place for those who wish to enter it or those who are already becoming established in it... This seems to be in contradiction to the MO of many of the training schools out there (of which there is an ever-increasing number).

I'm genuinely not sure if this reluctance to provide cost-effective help and advice is commercially driven or whether it's actually down to the fact that many of the training organisations don't have much experience in the unmanned industry yet!

As part of this ongoing commitment to make things simpler and easier for drone operators. We've recently created and 'always up-to-date' CAA drone operations manual which you can find by watching the video at the link here.

In addition, we are (as I'm sure you're hopefully where) continually creating helpful video and written content for the industry. One of the things which seems to be causing most confusion, primarily because of the way in which many NQEs currently force their students to write their CAA drone operations manuals. If you are struggling with your operations manual, then please feel free to visit the video above and download that template to use as your OM.

This template has been created against the latest version of the CAA's 722A and is accepted and suitable for the CAA (regardless of whatever your NQE may tell you - more on that in the video!).

The thing we're looking at tackling here is how to add a drone into your operations manual and the process is actually really straightforward. It is literally as simple as copying the drain information you currently have in your manual and then finding the relevant details for your new drone, then adding them into/replacing the relevant parts of the copied information.

Again, this may be more difficult if you use a template provided by your NQE, but should be super simple if you use the template which we have provided.

If there are any more questions that you can think of, which you think we should add to the sheet, then please drop them into the comments below and we'll look to get them added ASAP! :)

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Fly safe and blue skies


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