How to add a Remote Pilot to your CAA Drone Operations Manual

How to add a Remote Pilot to your CAA Drone Operations Manual

October 04, 2019

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In this blog post we are going to take a look at how to add and remove remote pilots/to from your CAA drone operations manual.

This is another one of those things which is fairly straightforward when you know how to do it. However, until you do it can seem quite bewildering; especially given how complicated and convoluted some of the CAA drone operations manual templates are, which drone training companies force their students to use.

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Adding a new remote pilot to your CAA drone operations manual should be a fairly straightforward process. However, it seems to be another one of those things which people aren't aware of how to do and this information isn't generally provided by or available to the professional drone community.

Once a person has their CAA NQE recommendation from their training provider i.e., they have completed their theory, practical and operations manual elements of their drone training course; they can apply for a PfCO from the CAA.

This is a fairly straightforward and well documented process, which most CAA NQEs guide their students through. Things change a little bit though when someone doesn't actually want to apply for their own PfCO and they want to go and work for an individual or company, under the auspices of THEIR PfCO. For some reason, many CAA NQEs struggle to comprehend this requirement and what people can and can't do if this is the situation they face.

Once you have completed just the theory and practical elements of your drone training course, you can operate as a remote pilot for someone else under their CAA PfCO. You may have to tell your CAA NQE that this is what you intend to do and that they are to issue you with your CAA NQE recommendation certificate.

This will be outside of the norm for most CAA NQEs, as they will want to assess your operations manual prior to issuing you with this final certificate. You are, however, entitled to be given the certificate without them checking your operations manual, IF and only if you are going on to someone else's CAA permission for commercial operation.

Once you have your recommendation certificate it is as simple as copying the details for any current remote pilots inside the PfCO holders CAA drone operations manual and replacing their details with those of the new remote pilot.

There is no need to tell the CAA of this change and the new remote pilot can operate from the moment that they are added to the operations manual.

Don't forget that as part of updating the operations manual, you will also need to ensure that the operations manual version number is increased/amended appropriately and the amendment table is updated too!

If there are any more questions that you can think of, which you think we should add to the sheet, then please drop them into the comments below and we'll look to get them added ASAP! :)

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